The Classic Banker's Lamp

The Lamp, who hasn't seen it? The banker's lamp that appears in every movie.
The lamp you've come across atleast once in your life, maybe in that old library you visited 10 years ago, or maybe on your dad's desk!

It comes to no surprise that when I was working on a scriptwriter room set with a classmate we just couldn't exclude this iconic lamp, so I got right to work and started modeling the iconic piece of furniture.

First I started off with a basic cylinder shape in Blender, which I then extruded and shaped to the perfect size for the handle.

After this I had to create the rest of the lamp, on to the lampshade! This one was also made using a cylinder, by beveling the edges and slicing it in half I could quickly create the same type of lampshade I needed, after adding some final materials the lamp was good to go and ready to be imported into the scene!

And here is the finished product!