Terms Of Service

Payment will be done upfront, Drawing will start as soon as the payment is received.

I accept PayPal and iDeal as payment methods.

Will draw Goop, Gore, Shiny, Pooltoys etc.

Won't draw Zoophile, Child porn and other illegal art.

The artwork may not be modified, resold, used to make a profit or otherwise used for commercial or unintended purposes. However the artwork MAY be used for personal purposes.

I reserve full credit as the original artist, The artwork may not be claimed as your own, and the watermark may not be removed.

I reserve the right to decline a commission request.

Only the artist (me) and the commissioner (you) reserve the right to publish the artwork.

Revisions on the artwork will only be done when there is a mistake made by me (e.g. wrong markings or color etc.) If something is not mentioned beforehand, or isn't a mistake, revisions will not be done unless an extra payment is made, the cost depending on how big or small of a change it is.

I will not refund finished artwork seeing as I can't take back digital files, however if the artwork is not yet started I do allow a refund of 90%

Considering I am a college student,
I can not set a strict deadline for these commissions due to the irregularities in my free time.
However I will do my best to get these done within a reasonably quick time-frame.